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The postmarks used by the Foreign section are quite distinctive, and we have examples of most of them. Click on the images below, which will take you to a page with a letter bearing that post mark. Then click the Back arrow on your browser to return to this page. With the restoration of the Monarchy in 1660 and the re-organisation of the Post Office, letters received from abroad and handled by the Foreign section of the General Post received a Bishop Mark. Originally this was indistinguishable from that in use in the Inland section, but after 1713, the Foreign section Bishop mark always had the month above the date.

Foreign Bishop mark 1792  Foreign Bishop mark 1792   Foreign Office 1801   F.O. dotted circle   FO 1802The early Foreign Office marks,
Foreign Office 1814   F 1822   Foreign 1836   Foreign 1839 The later Foreign office marks showing the variety in use during these years including the last on this line which was the first type of postmark which actually had LONDON in it.
Although this letter is not a foreign one, the contents show how mail could be sent to the Continent. It was written on headed paper Buckingham Chambers, Buckingham Street, Strand, London
It was dated Decr 18, 1852 and addressed to Joseph Gunson Esqr, Accountants Office, Y & N Rway, York
I have received yours of yesterday enclosing a letter for our mutual friend Mr. R. I. Brown of Santander, which shall be sent forward — you may at all times command my services for similar commissions — Will you allow me to suggest the necessity in all future communications betwixt you and our friend Brown you must! write on FOREIGN POST.
I am Sir,
Respectfully yours,
James Anderson
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