London Posts — Introduction

     The postmarks of London are confusing at first glance, as there seems to be so many similar markings. This is because there were four different sections dealing with mail in and out of London. These were:-
  • the General Post — Inland Office including the four Branch Offices to deal with mail between London and the rest of the British Isles;
  • the Local Post of London (the Penny Post, later called the Twopenny Post), which dealt with mail posted and delivered in London, within the City and country area boundaries;
  • and two sections for dealing with overseas mail, the Ship Letter office
  • and the Foreign section.

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postman 1839
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This was one of a set of stamps issued by Great Britain to celebrate the Centenary of the death of Sir Rowland Hill. It shows a General Post letter carrier of about 1839.

London local postman
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This was another of the stamps in the same set. This stamp showed the different uniform worn by the postman in the London local post.



Evening Duty

Morning Duty

Penny post

2p post




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