Foreign Section 1.

Foreign Section — prior to 1800

Bishop Marks on letter from overseas — always showing the month above the day.

bishop mark 1792 click here for details

On the enlarged view, it shows the seal which was used to close the letter, it is a woman's head. This type of Bishop Mark was in use from 1760 to 1797, always applied in black ink. This letter was delivered to Sir Richard Heron in Grosvenor Square, London.
This is one of two letters from Paris to England, and the full details can be seen on this link to another page on our website click here to go to that page.
address panel click here for details This letter has a different Bishop mark, this for FE 9, and it also has an evening duty stamp for the next day,(which is not illustrated) as they had tried to deliver it as addressed to Sir Richard Heron Bart, Grosvenor Square, London, but he was in Brighton, so it was redirected to North Street. It was sent from Paris on 6th February, 1792, and arrived in London only 3 days later.
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This is only a wrapper but has a really clear postmark of the type in use from 1797-1799. This had the year at the bottom in two numbers being separated from the words FOREIGN OFFICE by a do either side of the 99. It was addressed to The Honorble Baron Wolff to the care of Mr Jno Robbert Irvine No.19 Fenchurch To London.

On the reverse is a notation giving the date of receipt and of reply.

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