Foreign Section 3.

Foreign Section — Part 3

The next change in the datestamps occurred in 1816, when the outer circle was a dotted line, and the words were reduced to the initials F P O. The size varied from 21 to 24mm — and it was in use until 1836. These two examples are dated 1826 and 1834

dotted circle click here for details

This example was applied over the fold on the reverse of the letter, and the details are FPO the date OC 5 and the year 1826 and the size is 24mm.
It was written in Spanish from Senor Angel Martinez in Bilbao, and the unusual postmark on the front is a two-line stamp ESPAGNE PAR BAYONNE:
received 30th June click here for details The second example came from Tours in France, May 22nd 1836, and the writer added a note to the front of the address panel "Pour l'Angleterre. This datestamp is slightly smaller, being only 22mm

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