Foreign Section 6.

Foreign Section — Part 6 Letters going OUT OF LONDON (1836-1837)

The postmark was changed again in 1836, and was the same type as that used on the incoming letters. It was a completely new departure, as it was the first postmark that actually bore the name of LONDON. This first type had a double circle with LONDON around the top the day, month and year in four figures in the center, and a semicircle with a tiny circle in the middle around the bottom.

FO 1837 click here for details

This type was only in use from 1836 to 1837 and was applied on the back of this letter written in Spanish, but addressed to Monsr Francisco H. Rosales, Hotel de Castille in the Rue de Richelieu in Paris. It is dated Londres, Febr 9 de 1837,

The other postmarks are a 'P.D' in a dotted circle showing the letter had been paid to its destination, and a Calais datestamp, in which the month and day are inverted in relation to the year 1837. The calculations in red ink have been worked out in pence totalling 50 pence, and it was 12 pence to one shilling, so this would have cost the sender 4 shillings and twopence to post it. It was signed for Hullett Hermanos & Ca.
FO 1839 out click here for details The next type that we have was introduced in 1838 and was similar to the previous one, but instead of a complete double circle, it only had two semi-circles at the bottom of the stamp. This one has the lines starting and finishing between the month and the year. This was also the same type of stamp which was in use on the Incoming mail during those years.

It was written in 1839 by William Weld addressed to his godfather The Right Honorable Lord Clifford, Palazzo Odescalchi, Rome. The postmarks — some of which are rather unclear — show that it went from London 9th May and arrived in Rome 9th(?)June(?) 1839 via Point Beauvoisin
FBO 1838 out click here for details The last type that we have was also introduced in 1838 and was similar to the previous one, but instead of the decoration it had the letters F.B.O. in the bottom of the circle. According to the Willcocks and Jay catalogue this particular stamp with the word LONDON being exactly half of the stamp and with the lines at the bottom ending underneath the month (in this case May) was only in use from 2/7/1838 to 13/7/1838, but this letter is clearly dated 15 MAY not July.
The stamp is 30mm in diameter.

This is the final page in our section on London Posts, but it is not absolutely complete, and is not intended to be a catalogue. We have just put examples of most of the London Postmarks we have seen and/or collected over the years. Our standard reference books are "The British County Catalogue of Postal History Part 3, London by R. M. Willcocks and B. Jay" and "The Local Posts of London 1680-1840 by George Brumell."

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