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Morning Duty date stamps 1834 - 1840

This stamp was distinctive in that the single code letter was replaced by the letters'EX' in bold serif capitals and also it was in a greenish black instead of red. It was apparently used on both morning and evening duties. This is likely to have been the case as one of these letters is addressed FROM London to Buckingham 15 July 1837, and the other one TO London 26 July 1838.

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This example was from Guildhall, London to Messrs Stearn & Nelson Solicitors, Buckingham, and the cost was 8d as shown by the manuscript '8' on the front.
The letter writer sounds rather upset.
15 July 1837
Dear Sir
I ought to have answered your favor before but I was desirous of reportg the sale of the remaining part of the stock - this has now beeing done & remitted to the Bicester Bank to Account of John Mason & John Scott.
Does any difficulty exist with the payt of Joseph Scotts children - if so pray let me know for tho' I am heartily tired of this business or rather of the mode in which it has been conducted yet I will take care that injury shall not follow if I can prevent it - the share of the minor sh'd be - should have invested to make interest & sh'd be accrued - It is quite indifferent to me which shares are appropriated - I have felt it a personal mistrust of myself that Mr Aplin sh'd have required the money to have been sent to the local Bank tho' I hope by consentg to such arrangmt I have not caused any inconvenience to any of your clients.

Do you wish my opinion as to Mr. Dicken's share or do you wish me to take counsel's opinion & if so does Mr Aplin concur - this is one of the disadvantages of the present position of myself in this business - Shall I apply to him?

I hope the power of Atty has arrived safely & in due time.
You are probably concerned for some of the parties interested under the last share sold out. Let me know then I may if requisite send the draft Release to you for perusal on their behalf.
Yours truly
Fris. Tyrell.

postmarks click here for details This is a wrapper with no written contents, and it has the Twopenny post markings of the '2' charge mark, and the transfer datestamp,

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