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Morning Duty date stamps 1844 — 1853

This was a new type again, with 2 letters, sans-serif, above the date, which was both sides of the month, and a in a single circle.
These examples are on covers or envelopes dated 1845 and 1849, bearing the 1d red adhesive stamp, showing that these morning duty stamps were applied to pre-paid mail — prepayment of postage was still optional at this time

1834-1840 type click here for details

This example is on a mourning envelope from Cheltenham in Gloucester Dec 2nd 1845, and has the morning duty stamp of the next day with the code letters FS. The front of the envelope bears a 1d red postage stamp on blued paper with corner alphabet letters of L and C, and the numeral obliterator is no. 177 in a barred oval shape, (listed in Brumell's book as allocated to Cheltenham).
postmarks click here for details This is a part of a wrapper, addressed to John Sedgwick Esqre Solicitor Watford, and it has four good postmarks on it. The morning Duty stamp has the sans serif letters OT and the date 1 on either side of the month SP 1849. The Holborn W. O. stamp is one of the old Penny Post Receiving offices. On the front there is a 1d red adhesive stamp with corner alphabets of K and L, which has been obliterated with the London Office number 26, which was allocated to Beckenham, and finally it has the provincial datestamp for Watford applied the next day for delivery.

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