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Morning Duty date stamps

Another, similar stamp was introduced in 1810, which had a double circle to the frame. It also had the code letters A to G, but it was an 'additional' stamp used only when the volume of mail warranted the extra staff to deal with it.

1839 double rim click here for details

This example was from Winchester, Hampshire to Augustus Warren in Great Russell Street, London in 1839. It was postmarked Febuary 27 in Winchester, and received and dated the next day in London. The cost was 8d for the distance between 50 and 80 miles, and Winchester was 62 miles from London.
letter contents click here for details This is a short letter, of which one half has been torn away — presumably by the person who received it.
Dear Sir
We have received from Mr Waddingon the letter — copy of which you have on the other side and shall feel much obliged if you will let me know if Lady Mildmay would prefer his remaining on or would like for us to see Mr Hanley which we shall have an opportunity of doing during our Assizes he being on ye Grand Jury which will not be discharged till Monday.
We are
Dear Sir
Your most Obed Servt
Woodham & Scagrion ?

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