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General Post — Inland office — Evening Duty 1800 — 1822

From 1800 the year was shown in 3 figures instead of 2. The stamp was a double rimmed circle, with the day in a smaller circle, the month above the day, and the identifying letter at the left inside the large circle. This type of evening duty stamp was in use in the General Post until 1822.

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This letter was sent sent from London to Stamford near Worcester, and was charged 8d — that was the cost (between 1805-1812) of sending a single sheet letter a distance of between 80 and 120 miles, and Stamford was 85 miles. But this was altered to double that cost of 16d or 1 shilling and 4 pence, so it must have had an enclosure which would double the cost.

evening duty 1819
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This second example in 1819 was sent to London from London using the General Post and the Twopenny Post, and so the only charge was the '2'. Both of these examples are on what are called 'covers' or 'wrappers' which means that the letters were not written on this sheet of paper, and it is not possible to know the contents!

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