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General Post — Inland office — Evening Duty 1823-1828

The next change was in 1823, when the stamp showed the year in full — four figures. It is interesting to note that the evening duty stamps of this period can always be recognised by the fact that the year was always shown in a curve, even when they were shown only in two figures. The morning duty stamps in contrast, always showed the year in a straight line. This 4-figure type was in use until 1828.

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This letter was sent from London to Ludlow in Shropshire a distance of 142 miles. From 1812 to 1839 the charge was 10d for a single sheet letter over a distance of between 120 and 170 miles, and the squiggle on the front is 10 written rather hurriedly, and from the look of it without taking the pen from the paper.

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This example of 1826 four figures is on an invoice sent from London to Melrose in Scotland.
Invoice of Irish Provisions shipped at Cork by Messrs Morgan & Reeves on board the Wellington, John Keller Master by order of Milligan Robertson & Co of London, on account & risk of Robert Waugh Esq & consigned to James Brown Esq, Jamaica for the use of Melrose Estate..
The invoice is for 2 half barrels Planters Beef, two half barrels Planters Pork and 2 kegs of Butter. It is hard to imagine the state the butter would have been in after a sea journey from Cork in Ireland to Jamaica!

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