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General Post — Inland office — Evening Duty 1795-1799 — variation

A variation of this evening duty stamp was in use in January and February only in 1798. It was a 19mm single rim circle, with the day in a small circle, and the year in two figures, but it had in addition a code letter outside the circle, not inside. This example is the letter G, and the letters from A to H are known.

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This letter was sent to Westminster from Tamworth, a distance of 117 miles, at a cost of 7d, and is the correct charge under the regulations in force from 1796 to 1801 this covered a distance of between 100 and 150 miles.

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The front part of this letter has been torn away, and all that is left is this paragraph and signature :-
Lady Day, I must beg the favour of your stating the above particulars to the Governors and returning me an answer the first opportunity.
I am, Sir, your most obedt hble Servt
Frans. Blick.

However, some idea of the contents may be guessed by the notation on the outside of the letter, presumably written by the person who received it :- Cs. of Wilncoate & Wiggington Dr. Lichfd & Coventry.
The Revd. Mr. Blick 19 Febry 1798.
Ansd 21st Do that he might make use of the old Commission.

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