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General Post — Inland office — Evening Duty 1795-1799

A distinctive evening duty stamp was first used in 1795. It was usually applied in black, but occasionally in blue. The stamp was a double rimmed circle with the day in a smaller circle in the centre, the month at the top and the year, in two figures at the bottom.

The 'D' on the left of this example is an identifying letter of the actual handstamp.

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This letter dated 2nd January 1797 was sent from London to Derby and the evening duty stamp was applied showing that it was despatched that same day from the General Post Office, London.
The figure '5' is the postage charge to be collected from the addressee — Mr Chas. Upton, in Derby. Under the regulations in force from 1796 to 1801 this covered a distance of between 30 and 60 miles. This is interesting because Derby was 126 miles from London, and the rate should therefore have been 7d. However prior to the change in rate, it would only have cost 5d, so this must have been posted before the postal increase came into effect.

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Giltspur St
2d Jany/97
There seems to be a strange misunderstandg in this Business when Mr Briggs aplied to me with Intons? for an Assignmt of his & Mrs. B's Interest under Mr. Frans. Tomlinson's Will. I told him it was usual for the Purchases Atty or Solr to prepare the Deed & finding from his conversation you was a Professional gent I stated to him the impropriety of my drawing the Instructions out when Mr B inform'd me you rather wish'd he wd employ his own Solr and accordingly have Drawn an Assignmt to you of their Interest under Mr. F. Tomlinson's Will wch with the Draft under Miss Tomlinson's Will I shd had left at your Lodgings in Town for your Perusal.
I shall write to Briggs on the Business & if he consents to pay the Costs of the Assignmt I presume you will favor me with an Extract or Copy of the Will required, in this instance.
I remain, Sir
Your Obedt Servt.
Wm. Bickerton
N. B.
In Mr F. Tomlinson's Will the Legacies are given to his Nephews & Nieces equally to be divided share alike.

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