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Looking at Australian Counter Booklets. Part 2.

with Walter Owen.

Since my first article on this subject, much water has passed under the bridge and some questions have been answered. I pondered on a selvedge full of koalas and "whither"?. Though the need did not in fact arise on the cycling booklets, I would presume that the one kangaroo logo would have been substituted, as has already appeared on the 80c sheet printing.

With postage rates due to rise again in January next year it is very unlikely that more than four koalas would be used on the skateboard booklet (if, in fact, it reaches that number).

I have also been shown the cycling booklet (four koalas) with two different adverts, "Colonial" and "Anzac".

Christmas 1989

Issued on November 1, 1989, the booklet contained one pane of 10 36c (greetings card rate) Christmas stamps. Printed by Leigh-Mardon at CPE Scoresby, in photo and on CPL paper, the booklet panes were imperforate on the inner selvedge which contained the printer's logo (Figure 1)

Designed by Lynette Brown, Australia Post, the inner cover bore the advert "1989 Annual Collection". The colourful publicity notice for this issue was similar in size to the "fishing" notice, and had the customer benefits listed on the reverse.

$4.10 Thinking of You

This booklet, issued on February 7, 1990, contained 10 x 41c Thinking of You stamps and 10 'salutation labels', bearing a total of six messages. Designed by Beverley Graham, Melbourne, they were printed by Leigh-Mardon in photo, the stamp panes were imperforate on the inside selvedge. (Figure 2)

This booklet was reprinted, and as well as bearing the one koala logo, the selvedge was perforated. (Figure 3)

On my copies there was a whitish UV reaction on the reprint compared with the original. The advert on both booklets was "Introducing Australia".

$4.30 Skateboard

Issued on August 27, 1990 to cater for the increased postal rates, this booklet contained 10 43c skateboard stamps. Designed by Sue Passmore, Australia Post Graphic Design Studio, printed by Leigh-Mardon Pty Ltd on CPL paper, the pane had the printers logo in the margin. (The year of issue was shown in the bottom left corner of the stamp). The pane was perforated through both left and right margins. The advert was for "The Colonial Collection". The closing tab was set 18mm from the top of the cover. Cover illustration (Figure 4).

In common with most philatelic products this issue was bar coded - a move designed to improve the service at Australia Post Shops.

In late February 1991, this booklet was released with a newly designed cover. For use in retail shops and post point outlets, the new format allowed the booklet to be hung on hooks. Larger than the normal booklet by the "hanging tab" the stamp content and advert within remained the same. The booklet value on the front was changed to black ink and the reverse also carried the book value, contents and reduced size stamp illustrations. The actual skateboard illustration was also changed. (Figure 5).

The copies I have are reprints, as evidenced by the one koala selvedge. Also, to date, I have this issue with perf and one extension perf margins.

Has anyone seen examples of this format booklet in the original printing?.

$4.30 Thinking of You

on September 3, 1990, the Thinking of You stamp was re-issued, with a design similar to the 41c, but with a light green background and different coloured type. Printed in photo ly Leigh-Mardon Pty Ltd on PL paper, the stamp was perforated 14.4 x 14.6mm. The booklet was designed by Beverley Graham, Melbourne and again contained 10 printed labels but one of the "happy Birthday" labels was replaced by "Keeping in Touch". The advert was "The Colonial Collection" and the inner selvedge was perforated.

In late January 1991, this booklet was re-released with changes to the previous format. The basic layout of the cover was the same, but the greetings labels were self-adhesive and the number reduced from 10 to 8. They were attached to the inside of the back cover instead of being a joined pane attached by the selvedge. Also, the stamps were reprinted and the one koala logo in the selvedge was, for the first time, in blue ink. The bar code remained the same but the text was changed to read "8 Greetings Stickers" The closing tab was semi-circular instead of half square, and the advert inside was changed to "1990 Annual Collection of Australian Stamps".(Figure 6)

$3.80 Christmas 1990

issued on October 31, 1990, as part of the Christmas series, this pane of 38c stamps was designed for use as the concessional greeting card rate. Designed by Marg Towt, Melbourne, the stamps were printed in photo on CPL paper by leigh-Mardon Pty Ltd and perforated 14.4 x 14.6mm. The panes were perforated through both left and right margins and imperforate top and bottom. (Figure 7). The advert was for "1990 Annual Collection".


To date (May 1991) I have Counter Skateboard books as follows:

Original - Perf.

1 Koala - extension Perf and perf

Retail Books -

1 Koala - Extension perf and perf.

In the text, "photo" is used for "photo-lithography".

the information given here is taken from my own observations from my own material. Therefore, I do not intend this as more than a 'general' article.

I would be pleased to hear from anyone with additional information, or who would like to exchange material.

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS to the Philatelic Bulletin for information re printers and perforations.

This article was published in Stamp News, July 1991

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