australian stamp booklets

Looking at Australian Counter Booklets. Part 3.
with Walter Owen.

Towards the end of 1991 supplies of $4.30 booklets were running low and Retail Outlet booklets were being supplied by "old style" Post Offices.

By mid-December, stocks were exhausted at the Philatelic Distributor in Brisbane. Presumably this situation arose because the increase in rates was originally to be in September but was delayed to January 1992.

In my area, 2k (two koala) skateboard reprints were not seen from the distributor but 3k and 4k were. However, 2k reprints were available (I bought my copy from Sel Pfeffer).

In addition to those listed in Part 2 (Stamp News July 1991) I now have:

Skateboard - Counter: 2k Perf, 3k Perf. 4k Perf.

Skateboard - Retail: 3k Perf.

Thinking of You: 2k.

$7.60 Christmas 1991

Issued on November 1, 1991, the 38c value of the Christmas set was also released in booklet format. This consisted of one pane of 20 stamps imperforate on the outer edges (Figure 1.)

The top margin was perforated and the bottom imperforate. Designed by Sue Passmore, Australia Post graphic Design Studio, the stamps were printed by Leigh-Mardon Pty Ltd in photolithography on Harrison paper. As a "Card Only" endorsement was required to qualify for the reduced rate, 20 self-adhesive stickers in two different colours were included in the booklet.

Philatelic supplies in the Brisbane area were exhausted before the withdrawal date!

January 1992 Issues.

$4.50 Threatened Species

Issued to cater for the new postage rates, this booklet contained 10 self-adhesive 45c stamps with six different designs. The illustrations were prepared by Betina Ogden. Printed by Printset/Cambec in photolithography the booklet stamp layout was one block of eight stamps plus one pair, with four of the designs being used twice (Figure 2.)

The new Australian-made "peel and stick' paper was produced by Consolidated Paper industries Pty Ltd of Mordialloc Victoria. The paper was CPI P&S non phosphor coated stamp paper and the luminescent coating was applied as part of the printing process. Incorporated in the booklet was an entry for a draw to win a trip to the 1992 Olympics, flying Qantas. This gives an indication of the "life-span" of this print. The position of the year "1992" varied, being on the bottom right on four designs and on the top left on two.

$4.50 Thinking of You

Also released for the new postage rates was a "re-vamped" Thinking of You design showing a basket of flowers. The booklet contained one pane of 10 stamps perforated through the centre and both selvedges but imperforate on the top and bottom edges. (Figure 3)

The stamps were printed by Leigh-Mardon Pty Ltd in photolithography and the booklet production was by Sprintpak Pty. The year "1991" appeared above the figure 4 of the value, just below the basket.

The advert contained in this book was for "Thinking of You Wildflowers Address Book and Postcards".

I found two copies in one bundle in which the panes were attached by the printed side and were thus upside down in the book with the gummed side showing. Can anyone with any knowledge ofprinting processes explain how this could happen.

Philatelic stocks of these two issues were not available until January 4 at my local office, two days after the issue date.

(Acknowledgements to the Australian Stamp Bulletin for information regarding printers and perforations.)

This article was published in Stamp News, June 1992. Copyright Ears Leisurewrite.

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