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General Post — Inland office — Evening Duty 1840-1845

From 1840-1845 (single code letter), the lettering was larger and finer and this is particularly noticeable in the 'year' figures.

    eve duty 1840

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This example shows code letter H date MY hyphen 21 and the year 1844. The "Penny Red' adhesive stamp is an imperforate example on blued paper, and has been cancelled with the first type of identified obliterators. This type was issued for the Inland Section of the General Post in 1844. It was an oval formed of 16 lines containing a number from 1 to 20 within a diamond. They were in use until 1847. This number is 12 which was allocated to Bow. The faint stamp of Knt Rider St is the receiving house stamp — an abbreviation for Knightrider Street.

2 code letters

Evening Duty 1845-1857 (2-figure code).
From 1845 to 1857 two code letters were included at the top of the stamp,(in this case the letters AF above the date FE 7 and the year 1851) and the size of the circle, and the lettering varied. This type of stamp was the last of the distinctive evening duty stamps of the General Post Inland Section, London office. New postmarks were introduced as a result of the reorganisation of the post office, after prepayment of postage became compulsory.

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