London General Post Branch Offices

General Post Branch Offices — Borough — Unpaid Marks.

The Borough Office was located in the centre
of Southwark and covered the area South of the Thames.

address panel boro 183?
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Type 1. Standard Series.
In use from January 1830 to 1834

This cover dated May 12th but with an illegible year was the basic type and had a frame size of 20 x 21 and moveable characters. It was struck in blue ink from Jan 1830 but it is not specified when red ink came into use.

address panel boro 1853
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Type 2. Standard Series.
In use from 1835 to 1857?

This piece with a one penny red adhesive shows a Type 2d variant of the basic design. In use from January 1850 to 1857? the frame size was 20.5 x 20.5 and it had large angle corners.

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These pages are based on a book by R. Hawkins
"Date Stamps of the General Post Branch Offices in London, 1829-1858"
Printed and Published by Vera Trinder Ltd.,
38, Bedford Street, London WC2 9EU.
The information regarding the date stamps, types, dates of use and other information is taken from this publication and I am indebted to R. Hawkins for his research. I have only illustrated and described items taken from our own collection and as this is only a very small sub section of our interests it is very limited and only scratches the surface of the subject. Should anyone want further information about other marks I would strongly recommend the booklet.