Old Jewry Society Letter 1825

‘ Old Jewry Society, London, 1825 ’


This is a Twopenny Post letter and the Receiving House where it was lodged is shown by the post mark on the front of the letter in red ink. a stepped, framed TP Wood St.

It is a printed circular addressed to Joshua Blackburn Esq, Liquor Pond Street. On the back it has a date stamp Ju 29 2 A.NOON 1825. The double frame shows that it was applied at the Chief Office of the Twopenny Post as the Westminster office had a single frame. According to Brumell Wood Street was in the Town area in the 1824 list but not in the lists before or after that year. It has the 2 charge mark in black on the front, which would have had to be paid by Mr Blackburn, before he could receive the letter. Now to the letter, which has no street address, but it was a London one, written in, and delivered to
16, Red Cross Street, June 28 1825
I am desired to request (provided you have been a Subscriber to the Old Jewry Chapel for Two Years) that you will remain in your seat after the Service on Sunday next, to take into consideration the election of a Pastor, in pursuance of a Notice given the two preceding Sundays; and to inform you that in consequence of the said Meeting the administration of the Sacrament will be deferred until Sunday the 7th of August. Also that the Burial and Funeral Service delivered by the REV. Dr. REES and the REV. ROBERT ASPLAND, on occasion of the interment of the late REV. Dr. REESs, will be published, and that a copy thereof will be sent to you, and that if you are desirous to have any additional copies, they will be furnished at your expense, on application being made to me, stating the number required, on or before Monday the 4th of July.
I am, Sir,
Your very obedient Servant,

Surprisingly, an internet websearch brought no information at all about the Old Jewry Society, but there is information about Liquor Pond Street, and Joseph Yallowley.

To put this letter into historical context, these are some of the events which happened in 1825.

  • Czar Alexander 1 died and was succeeded by Nicholas 1st
  • John Quincy Adams was inaugurated as the sixth President of the U.S.
  • French law compensated the aristocrats for losses in the Revolution.
    On the lighter side
  • Beethoven's 9th symphony was first performed in England
  • Johann Strauss [the Waltz King] was born
  • Tea roses from China were introduced in Europe
  • The Stockton Darlington railroad was opened, the first line to carry passengers.

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    Acknowledgments : The Local Posts of London 1680-1840 by George Brumell.
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