Crimes against Philately


Suggestions from readers

For this page readers are invited to suggest their own pet 'moan','peeve' or 'crime against philately'. This can work in two ways :-
1. Submit your own moan complete with verse, or,
2. Simply tell me what irks you and leave the rhyme to me.
I hope that this can catch on and be a fun page for visitors.


(suggested by Ray Hicks of Indiana U.S.A.- Rhyme by Ron)

And now for one of my favourite whinges,*
A valuable stamp that's covered in hinges,
The back is not in view, it's true,
but I know they're there and so do you.
If I peel them off, I'll lose some gum,
and we all know the 'rule of thumb',
If there's any disturbance on the back,
It's 'original gum' so 'Tough luck Mac'!

+ + + + +

*For non Antipodeans a whinge is a moan.


Someone thought "I'll have a joke,
And send this letter up in smoke".
And thus by posting a firecracker
Ruined the work of the original packer

The Dutch P.O. couldn't take the blame
For not being able to read the name.
They wrapped the cover up so well
But what they are saying I can't tell!.

Approximate translation.
This piece of mail arrived at the Post Office in damaged condition. To prevent more damage we have packed the letter this way.


Strangely enough, just after I received the Dutch item this one arrived in the mail addressed to me. It had been caught up in some machinery presumably, which caused the bottom piece to be torn away.Something of a coincidence and I cannot remember when I last received something like this.

Oh dear, what can the matter be,
Look what they've done to my book on philately,
You'd think they'd have another to send to me,
But the Bureau just don't seem to care.

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