Mileage Marks Stockport

Mileage Mark under the town name. Stockport 179

This letter is a pathetic request to the Attorney Mr Barker in Whitefriars Lane Chester. The manuscript charge mark shows that it would have cost Mr Barker 7d to receive it, and no doubt he would have deducted that amount from whatever sum he disbursed to the petitioner Thomas Walker. The spelling at this time was not 'set in stone' and this is transcribed exactly as it was written.

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Stockport, Sept 18th 1821
Mr Barker
I am sorry to inform you That i have been very ill More than two months And i cant follow My employ i shoud be Thankfull if you could send Me a small trifull
Sir, if you should be kind enough to Send plase to Direct it to Be Left at the post Ofice
And you would
Oblige your Obt Servant
Thos. Walker

Copyright 2002 E. J. Shanahan

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