List of Illustrations

Part one - Introduction - history of post, Free Franks

    Sir Brian Tuke (N.P.M. postcard)
    Elizabethan Post Roads - map
    Letter front to Robert Clayton 1660
    Contents of that letter
    Letter to the Earl of Breadalbane
    Letter from the Earl of Breadalbane
    Examples of 'Free' postmarks
    Letter showing franking abuse
    Letter from Member of House of Commons, 1820
Part two - Mails in & out of London

    Henry Bishop - N.P.M postcard
    Examples of Bishop Marks
    Letter of 1686 to Thomas Peacock
    Letter of 1668 from Hull, postboy and footpost
    Letter of 1717 'to be left at the Poft Houfe'
    Letter of 1821 'to be left at the Post Office"
    Letter from Ireland - 1793
    Bishop Mark on outgoing mail, 1781
    London Post Letter Carrier of 1839 (PHQ card)
    General Post Letter Carrier of 1839 (PHQ card)
    Receiving House stamp 'Partington'
    Coffee House letter, 1780
    Letter to Mr. Hancock, 1790 Dockwra type mark
    Letter to Sir Rowland Winn, 1767, Dockwra type mark
Part Three - Overseas Mail

    East Indiaman
    Letter to London fm Newyork
    Map showing route London-Australia 1770's
    Letter for Mexico
    Letters from Paris to London
    Two Deal Ship Letters
    Cowes Ship Letter
    London ship letter
    India letter - Calcutta
    India Letter - Madras
    Gravesend Ship letter

Part Four - Changes underway

    Bath Mail Coach, 1784
    Mileage Mark Mere 111
    'Crossed' letter
    Letter from Cardiff - cost of road building
    John Palmer (N.P.M. postcard)
    Too Late postmark
    West Country Mails
    George Inn Melksham
    Melksham PENNY POST
    Swan with two Necks
    Handbills from the Bull & Mouth
    Bi-centenary of the first Mailcoach Run
    Mailcoach run re-enactment (postcard)
    Letter from Rotherhithe, 1838
    Stamp Booklet cover showing an omnibus
Part Five - Towards Penny Postage

    Map showing route Liverpool to Ireland
    Letter from Liverpool to Ireland
    Letter London to Scotland showing the cost 3/4d
    4d Post, 16th December 1839
    Letter to Stroud, 1839 - cost 9d
    Penny black, adhesive label
Part one, Introduction