2p Receiving houses

Two Penny Post Receiving Houses

     By 1830 there were 148 Receiving Houses in the Town area of London and these Receivers were paid a fixed annual salary of two pounds plus 1d for every ten letters taken in. Lists were issued of these Receiving Houses, which had to be amended as they were constantly changing. There were 6 such lists published from 1794, with the reorganisation of the London Post, to January 1st 1839, when a further change was made. The Town Receivers sent their letters 6 times daily to the Principal Office to which they were attached.

This letter, from Edinburgh, had been transferred from the GPO to the Twopenny post for local delivery and was handled by the Pimlico Office, which was in the Town lists from 1824, under the Westminster Principal Office. This boxed name stamp is the most usual type of Receiving house 'unpaid' stamp, and was in use from approximately 1819 until 1836.

T P Pimlico
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The contents begin
"Dear Sir,
The Post Office here by the backing of your first letter to me were rather hasty in announcing me to have left this world before my time, but luckily I am still here and willing to share a bottle when you again visit the north"
TP receiving house postmarks  Hanwell Receiving House — this type with the words Two Py Poft Unpaid and the name of the house was in use from 1801-1832. To see details of the other postal markings and the contents of this letter, go to Whitgreave on our website

T.P Oxford Street CO. This was near Manchester Square, and was on the Town Lists of 1828 and 1837. The stamp is the new type — unboxed — in use 1835-1857

Oxford Street CO Receiving office was deleted from the later lists which were published after the re-organisation of 1838, when the Receiving Houses were consolidated to amalgamate the Twopenny Post and the General Post Receiving houses. Where there was one of each, very close to one another, only one was kept open.

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