Queen Elizabeth, Wilding stamps

Great Britain
'Wilding' Postage stamps issued 1952-1967 during
the reign of Queen Elizabeth II

Varieties on the definitive stamps

We don't have any remarkable varieties, but these are some of the minor varieties:-

the 'swan neck' flaw on the figure 2


This is easily recognisable, it has a flaw over the letter 'O', on the left hand stamp of this pair. It was on the St Edwards crown watermarked paper.


This was a retouched 2 in the value tablet and occurred on the multiple crowns watermarked paper.


This is harder to see, but the V of revenue was retouched, on the left hand stamp of this pair.


The 'd' is deformed on this stamp.


Row 1 stamp 1 in this booklet pane of 6.There is a disturbance in the background to the right of the Queen's head.


Row 1 stamp 3 in this block of six there is a scratch above the Queen's eyebrow.
Both of these flaws on this 3d stamp were on the multiple crowns watermark paper.


Row 2 stamp 3 in this block of 6 shows a blue dot to the left of the letter G in the word POSTAGE. This was on the Phosphor lined paper.


This has a marked scratch on the plate, with a positional block showing where the flaw occurs - the top right hand stamp. It is very difficult to reproduce it, but it is really clear on the actual stamps. This was also on the phosphor lined paper


Cylinder 10 dot block of six. This shows a cheek scratch flaw on the bottom right hand stamp

misplaced perforation, on multiple crowns watermark paper..

Missing marginal arrow, which should be where the blue line is marked on the image. The SG Specialist catalogue volume 3 notes that on :-
Cylinder 42, both stop and no stop panes, the marginal arrows at the top and bottom were omitted at first, but were added later. This was on the St Edward crown watermark paper

perforation variety

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