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Postage Stamps

issued for the Aswan Dam

by Eunice Shanahan

When the Egyptian Government proposed the building of the Aswan Dam, it was realised that the resulting water held back by the dam wall would flood the upper Nile and would drown the statues and monuments built by the Pharaohs.

UNESCO, (the United Nations Economic Social and Cultural Organisation), promoted a publicity drive to educate the rest of the world to the value of these monuments.

As part of this publicity, several countries issued stamps. Some of these are illustrated here.


This 4 pesos stamp showed the Priestess from the temple of Amun-Re, with the UNESCO Logo in the top right corner, and carried the inscription SALVAD LOS TESOROS DE NUBIA


This stamp shows the site of the Aswan Dam, Luxor, The Temple of the Sun, and Abu Simbel, in relation to the North of Africa. Addis Ababa is the capital of Ethiopia, which is the source of the river Nile.

The stamp also carried the UNESCO logo and the inscription was in French — SAUVEGARDE DES MONUMENTS DE NUBIE

Three stamps were issued, with the same design but slightly different colours, with the values of 4K, 6K and 10K

Indonesia Republik — 1964

The most valued and famous of these monuments are the huge carved figures of Rameses II and his Queen at Abu Simbel, and the Temple of Karnak at the Sacred Lake.

The Temple of the Sun was built by Akhenaten, who styled himself Amun-Re, the Sun God and who introduced sun worship into Egypt.

Two stamps were issued of each of these designs, the 4.00 and 12.00 being the same design, but a different colour, and the 18.00 value being the same as the 6.00 but green instead of blue.

The inscription reads SAVE THE MONUMENTS OF NUBIA 1964

Republique Togolaise — 1964

These three stamps showing a distant view of the Temple at Karnak with a detail from the frieze (20f), the head of Rameses II (25f), the Temple of Amun-Re (30f). They all carried the UNESCO logo, plus the inscription in French SAUVEGARDE DES MONUMENTS DE NUBIE.

The Vatican — 1964

Two values of each of these designs were issued — 10L the same as the 70L- but blue border, and shows the entrance to a tomb with the frieze around the doorway showing the way into life-after-death. However a cameo of St Peter the apostle has been inserted into the doorway.

The 200L was the same as the 20L but with a green border. These stamps show the Temple of Amun-Re at Karnak and the Sacred Lake


Ghana — 1963

Ghana issued a set of 5 stamps showing Rameses II at Abu Simbel (1d), A Sphinx at Sebua (4d)


Queen Nefertari as a Priestess (2d), Abu Simbel (1/3d), and The Sacred Ibis, symbol of the rulers (1-1/2d).

All the designs showed the Flag of Ghana as well as the UNESCO logo and the inscription SAVE THE MONUMENTS OF NUBIA

United Arab Republic

The publicity succeeded in arousing interest, and funds were raised to finance the project. This re-settlement took as much ingenuity as it did to build them thousands of years ago.

The U.A.R. issued three stamps, two to publicise and the third to announce the successful re-settlement.


10M in 1959, 10M in 1960, and finally a 10M stamp inscribed '1971-1964'.

Pakistan — 1964

Pakistan issued these two stamps — the 13 paisa,(the Temple at Karnak reflected in the Sacred Lake) and with an inset of part of the frieze showing the rites and ceremonies held there. The 50 paisa showed the carved figures at Abu Simbel which were cut into blocks, numbered and then re-sited above the new Aswan Dam.

Sudan- 1961

Throughout the drawings, sculptures and relics there are examples of negroid and arabic peoples, the black marble often used for these statues is particularly effective for the negro shown on this Sudanese stamp. In the catalogue, the inscription is shown as King Ta'rhaqa. Three were issued with the same design 3pt deep pink, and 55mms light blue.


Sharjah — 1965


Sharjah issued a set of four stamps (5np 10np 30np and 55np) with the same design of Rameses II in his chariot, with the Sacred Ibis above him. The UNESCO logo was included and the inscription was in Arabic and English SAFEGUARD NUBIAN'S MONUMENTS

Yugoslavia — 1962 to commemorate the 15th Anniversary of UNESCO

These two stamps showed a different UNESCO logo, and the inscription in French reads SAUVEZ LES TRESORS DE NUBIE

The 25 value shows the Priestess from the frieze of the Sun Temple at Karnak, Luxor and the 50 value shows part of the carved statue of Rameses II at Abu Simbel.

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