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Booklet panes, 1971 - 1990

with Ron Shanahan

This site is basically for exchange purposes but if anyone wants to exchange information or view a scan of any particular item you can e-mail me.

I started collecting Machins when they were first introduced in 1967 and continued with normal sheet issues, booklets and coils until about 1980. At that time I stopped collecting normal sheet issues and concentrated on booklets only. When the 'window' style booklets were introduced I took the first issue as an example of the new style of booklet but did not collect them thereafter. I now concentrate only on counter and machine vended booklets and prestige booklets. My intention now is to try to complete the booklet pane variations and coil leaders of the period 1971 - 1990.

Machin decimal booklet panes WANTED.
(Numbers quoted are Stanley Gibbons Specialised Vol. 4)
Cat. nr. Pane Perforation types wanted
UB22 1/2px5 B Alan APL
UB27 2-1/2px4 Stamps/Stick APLL APPLL
UB28 2-1/2px5 Stick P APP
UB29 2-1/2px5 Stick APL
UB30 2-1/2px5 Tear Off APP APPa
UB31 2-1/2px5 Tear Off APPL
UB36 3px5 4315 I I(1/2v) AP APP
UB37 3px5 4315 APL

I have FOR EXCHANGE the following:-

UB21 1/2px5 B Alan APP
UB21 1/2px5 B Alan APPa
UB23 1/2px5 Lick P AP APP
UB25 1/2px5 Make your lucky PL APL APPL
UB25 APPL cylinder pane with dark flaw in hair r1/1.
UB26 2-1/2px4 Stamps Stick AP cylinder pane
UB32 2-1/2px5 Rushstamps APL Cylinder pane
UB33 2-1/2px4 Do you/Rushstamps APPLL
UB34 2-1/2px5 B Alan APL Cylinder pane
USB9 3px4-2-1/2px2 AP Cylinder pane

Complete booklet DH48 October 1972 25p London Taxi with missing phosphor on 1st pane UB34a
2-1/2px5 B Alan (pane only is cat. 35.) If you have any of the above wants for exchange please let me know your own 'wants'. Also other Machin material decimal, pre-decimal and booklets. E-mail me if interested.


I am missing Machin 1971 - 74 issues as follows:-

5p Multi value coil 2p p p 1p 1p G1 Red leader 1500 stamps GA.:-
Roll numbers 1 2 6 7 8 9

5p Multi value coil strip as above but G2 with orange leader 3000 stamps on roll GA. :-
Roll numbers 1 3 8

5p Multi value as above with G2 buff leader 3000 stamps PVA:-
Roll number 9

1p coil 1000 stamps Buff leader PVA:-
Roll numbers 1 4

1p as above but GA:-
Roll numbers 1 3 4 8 9 11 12

I have duplicates of other roll numbers for exchange.

I am also interested in swapping any other Machin material, booklets, panes, varieties etc. Also interested in similar for earlier reigns of G.B.

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