Letters  from the Past

“Mrs Macpherson
Portland Square, Plymouth, 1833 ”.

This is addressed to Mrs Macpherson No.2 Portland Sqre, Plymouth. Postmark Ldn ED CDS with a Letter B at the top, then the date NO 16 1833. No Plymouth arrival stamp. It is written from her daughter M Macpherson

The letter is sealed with a lady’s sealing ring which has the words in very tiny letters Pensez a moi ‘think of me’ – this is an enlarged illustration.

This letter was much easier to transcribe as it is not crossed, and the writing is legible. However, it is always the names which are hard to decipher, so when it is unclear I have put a query in brackets after the name.
No.10 Crown Office Row
Inner Temple London
16th Nov Saturday afternoon.

My dear Mother

A chapter of accidents has happened to my about my packet of letters to you which I made no doubt has reached you many days since. On finding the mistake I wrote a long explanation to you this morning, and Mr Wood hoped to get a frank but having sent in several directions he finds it impractical, this I have only just discovered when Mr D and I came to pay him a visit at his chambers.

I feel you will wonder so much at my silence and my friends here are of the same opinion that Mrs Wood said I must write you a despatch in a few minutes. She is waiting for me and we are keeping Mr D from his law business, so you must not be angry with me for putting you to the expense of postage for a most unsatisfactory communication.

Aeneas has been walking with us this morning I was glad to hear that he had written but as his letter was also sent round about I know not that it has reached you yet. Mr Falconer spent two days with me at Mr Woods I have not yet seen Mrs Pearson but hope to go to Pentonville next week.
I have been at Kew and saw the mittens Eliza gave to Clifton with Mrs Minchester(?). Heard from Mrs W of L. McGillivray who had dined with them on the preceding day. Mr W did not know the design of his return to this country but I suppose this will not be the earliest intelligence about him Miss Kennedy will have.
Perhaps in the course of time my epistle of facts may reach you but in the meantime if you have an opportunity do let me have a few lines for I long much to hear about you all.
Aeneas received the money.
I believe I must not stay but to add best and kindest love to all from your affectionate daughter.
God bless you
M Macpherson

She has then added a postscript.

Past 4 o’clock Margaret woke well and is comfortable for the present.

Then she has written on the outside the following note:

Tell me about Mrs Raymond and Mr Black and give me James’ address of (May arm?). I long to know.

Then on the other side of the letter is written in different handwriting, presumably the address she has requested.

38 Frans Place Sloane St is Mrs M’s address

The next letter is addressed to Miss Macpherson and inside it begins My dear Margaret, so probably this 4th letter is written by Margaret.
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