Jennings to Leigh 1824

‘ Samuel Jennings in London to Frederick Leigh of of Tiverton 1824 ’
Title Deeds and Abstract.


Eunice Shanahan

Our Ref 2641 - a post paid letter of 1824 from Rotherhithe in London to Tiverton Devon The letter has only one poorly applied PAID post mark in red ink showing PAID at the top, 8 AP 8 in the centre and then the year 1824 at the bottom. This is hard to distinguish, but agrees with the date written inside the letter. There is also a manuscript mark of ‘11’, which would have been the postage charge, but as it is post paid this should not matter.

The paper is a heavy cream with gold edging, and a watermark of NEWTON 1816. It also has the embossed crown with the word BATH at the bottom of the circle. We have been unable to confirm this, but we believe it is something to do with the taxation of paper at the time the letter was written. So now to the letter, which is beautifully written, and very easy to read.

It is marked (Post Paid) addressed to Fredk Leigh Esqr Solicitor Tiverton Devon

Rotherhithe 8th April 1824

about Seven Years since you Conveyed an Estate called East Burn & two meadows called five Bridges, which I purchased of Mr Mills of Cullompton. When I Received the Deeds at Messrs Tery & Co through the Cullompton Bank I was satisfied all was Correct, till within a few days of opening the Parcels I find the Abstract was not amongst them, Will you be so Obliging as to forward it to me if you have it in your Office, Immediately.

I shall be much obliged by your Answer in return of Post.

Hoping you enjoy good Health,

I am your Affecte
Saml Jennings.

No.125 Rotherhithe
Fredk Leigh Esqr.

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