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British stamps overprinted for use in the Middle East : Kuwait

This is an independent Arab sheikhdom, the richest oil state in the Arabian Gulf. It has a very interesting postal history, including a desert express camel service operated by the East India Company in the late 18th century. Fearing Turkish attack, Kuwait sought a treaty of protection with Britain in 1899, reaffirmed in 1914 and again by treaty in 1961, which is why the British stamps were overprinted. The currency was Indian (annas and rupees) until 1961 when it was changed to 1000 fils = 1 Kuwait dinar. the postal administration was operated under British administration from 1st April 1948 until 31 January 1959. This set of nine values was issued 1950-51

This information was sourced from the Stamp Atlas by Stuart Rossiter and John Flower.

British stamps overprinted for use in Morocco :
English currency.
In 1949, the Morocco Agencies overprints were issued for use in Tetuan, which was in the Spanish Zone, the only remaining British Post Office, apart from Tangier.

Morocco Agencies set 17 o'prints

On 3rd May 1951, seven of the values were replaced. The five low values with the new colours, altered to conform to the new U.P.U. Regulations, and the opportunithy was taken to substitute the 2/6d and the 5/- with the new stamps issued as part of the celebrations for the 'Festival of Britain'.

1951 new o'prints

Stamps overprinted 'MOROCCO AGENCIES' were withdrawn from sale December 31st 1956
The Tangier International Zone.
This Zone was established in 1914, and the first specially printed stamps were issed in 1927. The first stamp for George VI was the coronation stamp, overprinted TANGIER, in May 1937.

Tangier o'print on Coronation stamp

The overprint is very hard to read but it has TANGIER on the left and the right.

The first three stamps of the definitive series issued for George VI were the ½d, 1d and 1½d in June, June and August 1937 respectively.

Tangier ½d o'print cyl block  Tangier 1d o'print cyl block  Tangier 1½d o'print cyl block

Note that the 1½d has the control number B37 unlike the other two values, showing that it was printed in the second half of the accounting period. Cylinders 1,12 & 14 were used in the first half. The ½d A37 control without the pick-up bar had the cylinders 2,3,4,,8,10,11 and 12. The 1d A37 without the pick-up bar had the cylinder numbers 1,3,4,7,8,9 and 10.

1940 - Stamp Centenary
Only three values of this British commemorative set were overprinted for use in Tangier, issued 6.5.1940. They all had the control number G40.

Tangier o'print on Stamp Centenary 1940

Victory, 11th June,1946 - overprinted TANGIER.

Tangier o'print on Victory stamps

Until 1937, stamps overprinted "MOROCCO AGENCIES' could also be used in Tangier. The 'Tangier' overprints were withdrawn 30.4.1957.

Spanish Currency:
Stamps surcharged in Spanish currency were sold at British P.Os throughout Morocco until the establishment of the French Zone and the Tangier International Zone, when their use was confined to the Spanish Zone. The first is the stamp issued for the Coronation, overprinted 15 centimos.

Spanish Currency on Coronation

and these 7 low values were issued in June 1937.

Spanish currency low values

The stamps were issued between June 1937 and June 1952. The values overprinted were: 5c on ½d , 10c on 1d, 15c on 1½d, 25c on 2½d, 40c on 4d, 70c on 7d and 1 piastre on 10d.

1940 stamp centenary

Spanish currency on 1940 Stamp Centenary

issued on 6 May 1940, the values overprinted were: 5c on ½d , 10c on 1d, 15c on 1½d, 25c on 2½d

The Royal Silver Wedding
This set of stamps was part of the omnibus issue for the British Commonwealth, issued 26th April 1948. Overprinted 25c on the 2½d and 45 pesetas on the £1 stamp.

Spanish currency on Silver Wedding

1948 The Olympic Games issued 29th July 1948

Spanish currency on Olympic Games set

The overprints were : 25c on 2½d, 30c on 3d, 60c on 6d, 1peseta 20c on the 1/-.

French Currency
These were sold at British Post Offices in the French Zone. The first stamp issued was the Coronation stamp, 12 May 1937, overprinted 15 centimes,

French currency on 1½d Coronation

There was only one definitive stamp issued during George VI's reign, the ½d dark green, with an overprint of 5 centimes. All of the stamps overprinted in French currency were withdrawn from sale on 8th January, 1938

French currency on ½d dark green

British Occupation of former Italian Colonies. Middle East Forces : Tripolitania
Six of the set of 8 stamps of Great Britain issued 3rd May 1951. The overprint was "B.A./ Tripolitania" the initials BA standing for British Administration, and the currency was M(ilitary)A(dministration) L(ire).

Tripolitania o'prints 6 stamps

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Sources : SG Great Britain Specialist catalogue Vol.2,
SG Commonwealth Catalogue 1974 edition.

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