KGVI High Values

The High Value Definitive stamps
Recess-printed by Harrisons, on paper with the block GviR & crown watermark, the 2/6d, 5/- and £1 were printed in two panes of 40 (5 rows of 8 stamps) and then guillotined. The 10/- value was printed in single sheets of 40 stamps. Edmund Dulac designed the 2/6d and the 5/-. The Hon. George Bellew, M.V.O. designed the 10/- and the £1. None of these designs contained the word REVENUE. They were issued at intervals from 21.9.1939 to 1.10.1948.

The 2/6 brown was issued 4.9.1939, the 2/6d green 9.3.1942, 5/- red 21.8.1939, the dark blue 10/- was issued on 30.9.1939, and the ultramarine 10/- issued 30.10.1942. Finally, the £1 brown 1.10.1948

high values 2/6 to £1


1951 - the 'Festival' High Values
These so-called 'Festival' high value stamps were issued 3rd May 1951 as part of the pre-Festival of Britain publicity, and were very 'British' in design content, as they showed Nelson's ship Victory ; the white cliffs of Dover; our national Saint - George - with the mythical dragon, and the Royal Coat of Arms. They were issued in sheets of 40 (10 rows x 4) but printed in two panes of 40 which were then guillotined. There were no plate markings but the watermark was GviR as illustrated.

Festival high values

Quantities sold :-
2/6d   40,723,192
5/-     22,141,445
10/-   10,122,720
£1       2,383,720

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