Queen Elizabeth, Wilding stamps

Great Britain
'Wilding' Postage stamps issued 1952-1967 during
the reign of Queen Elizabeth II

Sideways watermark - during the Wilding period this only occurred on printings for coils and booklets.


This is the 1958 set on multiple crowns watermark

This is the set issued in 1960 on the phosphor lined paper. It is very difficult to show phosphor lines on a webpage, as it is best seen using a special lamp.The three 3d stamps have different bands and placed differently. From the left,2 bands, 1 band at the side, one band in centre.

Inverted watermark - multiple crown - from booklets.

Stamps for use in booklets were printed differently from normal sheet printings, as some were inverted. The black and white photo image from the GPO shows the image of the sheet as it would have been printed. I bought this photo, and it is copyright, reproduced by permission of the Post Office.

The photo shows that these sheets would have been guillotined every three stamps across the row, dividing the 12 stamps into 4 lots of 3, each alternate block of three being upside down would have the watermark inverted.

See the booklets section link for more details.

I have made up this illustration from booklet panes as it is more colourful. These panes on the right do actually have the watermark inverted, although it cannot be seen from the front of the stamps. All these panes came from booklets.

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