Queen Elizabeth, Wilding stamps

Great Britain
'Wilding' Postage stamps issued 1952-1967 during
the reign of Queen Elizabeth II


The first definitives were not issued as a complete set, and they were designed by five different people, so I have put them here in the order of the designers, not by the date of issue.

The ½d to 2d designed by Miss E. Marx

2½d to 4d designed by M.C. Farrar-Bell

5d to 7d designed by G. Knipe

8d to 11d designed by Miss M. Adshead

1/- to 1/6d designed by E. Dulac

There were four designers for the Coronation stamps which were issued on 3rd June 1953.

E.G.Fuller (2½d), M.Goaman (4d) E.Dulac (1s 3d) and M.C. Farrar-Bell (1s 6d). They were printed on paper with the Tudor Crown watermark.

Quantities sold : 2½d, 415,934,000; 4d 19,816,000; 1s 3d, 8,012,000; 1s 6d, 5,987,200.

High Values

The designs were by L. Lamb, and showed castles from each of the regions; 2s6d brown, Carrickfergus Castle, N. Ireland; 5s red, Caernarvon Castle, Wales; 10s ultramarine, Edinburgh Castle, Scotland; £1 black, Windsor Castle, England.

They were in use for many years, and had a lot of changes. They were printed by three different companies. First by Waterlow, then by De La Rue and finally by Bradbury Wilkinson. In addition they were on different papers and had different watermarks.

This set is the set issued in 1959 on the multiple crowns watermark by De La Rue.

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