Now for Something Slightly Different

And Now For Something Slightly Different.
Part 3.

by Ron Shanahan


1974 Paintings High Value. $4 Shearing.

20mm. long white flaw in the centre background, above shearers head, which gives the impression of broken woodwork along the back of the shearing shed.

1975 Australian Wildflowers Definitive. 18c Helichrysum thomsonii.

Bottom right hand corner block of 6 showing smudged colour bar markings and most of the 'thomsonii' part of the inscription missing on the bottom right hand unit. Affected area only illustrated.

1974 Australian Native Animals Definitive. 20c Wombat.

Bottom left hand block of 10 stamps showing marked 'Doctor Blade' flaw through three units in the top row. Variety strip only illustrated.

1974 Australian Native Animals Definitive. 20c Wombat.

Top right hand corner block of 15 on which a paper fold resulted in a full interpane gutter below one unit and half on the second unit. The small 'v' cut in the right hand margin at the top, where the fold started, results in a slightly wider margin on the bottom of the block to the top. The dark line from top right to bottom left shows where the paper was folded

The affected area only is illustrated.

1974 Australian Scenes Definitive. 5c Richmond Bridge Tasmania.

Bottom margin block of 10 with four units affected by ink smears. There are 'whorls' similar to a fingerprint impression on parts and what resemble tea stains on others. It looks like a case of 'wet paint'! Only the affected area illustrated.

1970 Native Flowers coil stamp . 2c Sturt's Desert Rose.

Coil strip of 2c showing paper repair. Front shown for identification purposes.

1981 Pictorial Pre-stamped Envelope.Number 038

State Floral Emblems 24c Definitive pre-stamped envelope.

Example with very dry print resulting in a very faint stamp impression on the front and on the reverse the "Sender's name and address" is omitted and the descriptive text is an unreadable, faint outline.

Purchased on the first day of issue in Brisbane this was in a pack of ten and the only one thus affected

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