Now for Something Slightly Different.

And Now For Something Slightly Different.

Part 1.

by Ron Shanahan

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"There aint no such animal!"

These pages are designed to illustrate the few 'oddities' we have in our collections. Mostly minor flaws or varieties there is nothing startling or earth shattering, just a few things 'slightly different' from the straight collection.

As our main interest is in Great Britain those varieties will appear first and the rest will be in alphabetical order


Edward VII Part Offset.

Edward VII halfpenny, marginal block of 14 with partial offset on reverse. Item folded to show front and back.

Edward VIII Variety.


Edward VIII halfpenny, Cylinder block of 6 showing the 'pearl beside crown' variety on the bottom right hand stamp.

A multipositive flaw caused a small, ball-like object to appear on the second stamp of the bottom row on some cylinders. It is most prominent in state 1 (illustrated). In state 2 the cylnder was rechromed and the flaw appeared much fainter.

Edward VIII AVB.


Edward VIII 2/- Advertiser Voucher Booklet. Edition number 356 date stamped 16 Nov. 1936 on the front cover. Each pane is overprinted with 'CANCELLED' (12x2mm) and hand punched with cross type hand punch.

These were overprinted in this way to be sent to the advertisers in the interleaving, as specimens.

GVI Training School Bar Cancels.

A selection of values of George VI definitives with black bar cancels. These stamps were used at The Post Office School to train the counter staff. They were cancelled with the two black bars to prevent their being used.

Queen Elizabeth II Wilding.


QEII Wilding Definitive, 3d value. There is a constant flaw — the "Phantom R" and to see it, you do not need the Sherlock Holmes skill with the magnifier.

Phantom R flaw--phosphor. During the printing, the multipositive had more images than were needed for a sheet of stamps, so the unwanted images were masked out. In this instance the masking was incomplete, resulting in the "R" of the next stamp appearing in the "jubilee line" of the last stamp in the row.The flaw appeared in Cylinder 41 no dot, which had a thick jubilee line, and in Cylinder 37 no dot, which had a thin jubilee line, and on both phosphor and non-phosphor stamps. Attempts were made by the printers to obliterate the "R" by hand with horizontal straight lines, but as this example shows, the "R" is still visible. Further attempts were made to retouch the unwanted "R" and different stages of this retouch can be found.

Booklet Cover Proofs

July 1953, 2/6d green front cover outer.
5/- Buff front cover inner

Booklet Cover Proofs

5/- blue front cover outer.
10/- buff front cover outer.

1968 Booklet Advert proof.

1968 March 2/- orange-yellow booklet. One of a complete set of 8 proofs in se-tenant pairs of the cover and interleaving advertising on rough paper.

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