Crimes against Philately



"Never mind Asthma"

"Never mind Passive Smoking"

"Never mind YOUR LUNGS!"

"Look what you have done to my cylinder block!!"

You can say what you like about a smoker,

but believe you me he aint no joker,

if he's going to have this abberation

thats gonna ruin the perforation


Oh what tales you could have told,

before somebody made so bold,

as to tear you off, without a qualm,

"But Sir, I didn't mean no 'arm!"


Se-tenant pairs are all the rage,

and they'd fit nicely on my page,

but what a shame about the ink,

the whole things ruined don't you think?

(They might as well have put a sword through it anyway!)


Was this done by an alien being,

Trying to stop the collector seeing,

How the stamp would fit a 'topic',

Before the cancel — CATastrophic!


I wonder who needed to have his say,

defacing the cover in such a way?,

It couldn't be the work of Postman Pat,

'Cos he'd not do a thing like that!


I don't know much about the Boers,

Except that they were in the wars,

These stamps were taken from a letter

Which may have let me know them better.

Now this was done with the best intent;

A friend not knowing what we meant,

hoping to add to our selection,

tore off these stamps for our collection!


The stamps are cancelled 'KRUGERSDORP 24 JUL 99'

The first phase of the war was from October 1899 to January 1900 and though the postmark is before those dates, the letter may well have contained background information to events that led up to the war or the social conditions of the time.

So not all crimes are committed with malice aforethought — this was done as a kindness, the person knowing that we collected stamps thought he was doing the right thing by taking them off the envelope so we would not have unnecessary paper junk around. Unfortunately the 'crime' was compounded by the method of removal. They were simply torn off and in the batch given to us a fair number of stamps were damaged. A simple case of lack of knowledge of the subject.

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An article based on this was published in Stamp News, the Australian monthly stamp magazine.